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“Not everything that is faced can be changed; but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” -James Baldwin

Shira Concool, LPC


Hello! I’m Shira Concool, a Licensed Professional Counselor and psychotherapist.  I help people who are navigating identity issues in today’s complex world with hope, confidence and self-respect. Lack of clarity about who we are, or worse yet, people trying to tell us, can often cause anxiety, stress, frustration and sadness.


I Want One Place Where I Can Be All of Me


I cannot count the number of times I have heard clients say they have to be one person in their family, another person with their friends, and still another person at work. Wearing a mask all day can be exhausting and I help clients peel back these layers and look at who they are and more importantly, who they want to be. I help them find the courage to say “yep, I’m _______” with confidence.


Relationship Foundations


For many couples navigating a partnership or marriage can be exciting and challenging. Yet, busy schedules, cultural differences, and new challenges can begin to weigh on a partnership and expose unmet needs of each person. Whether you are 5 months or 15 years into your relationship, it can be helpful to have another perspective as you navigate changes, conflict or ruts with mutual respect and care.


My Therapeutic Approach


First things first, I want to ensure that folks feel comfortable in the therapy space. Therapy can be hard work at times and it is important that you feel secure enough to let go, challenge yourself and grow. During the first few sessions we will work to identify your goals to ensure that this is a calm and positive space for you. I will get to know who you are and you will get to know me as well so we can build a strong working relationship.


For couples, I use emotionally-focused therapy to help each person determine what their needs are and how their partner can meet them. We will also work on specific, action-oriented step partners can take to improve communication and habits.


For individuals, I use an integrative approach of relational-cultural, acceptance and commitment therapy, and behavioral therapies to help you feel less anxious, have increased mood and gain a more accepting and positive outlook.



Professional Experience


I have over five years of career and mental health counseling experience. My work has taken me to college settings both large and small, private practice, and community clinics.  I have also had the opportunity to run groups including the Trans Therapy Group and an Anger Management Group.


Professional Affiliations


American Counseling Association

Licensed Professional Counselors Association of Georgia




Master of Arts, New York University

Bachelor of Arts, Yale University


Just for Fun


I am a big theater nerd and can occasionally be found on stage myself or just singing really loudly in my car. You can also find me trying to practice what I preach about self-care by walking my dog (who looks more like a teddy bear) on a tree-lined trail, dancing to anything with a beat, and reading historical fiction novels.


Email: shira@colliercounselingllc.com