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We are a group of therapists that provides individual, family, and couples counseling. We treat anxiety, depression, prenatal and postpartum issues, lack of assertiveness, and emotional eating. We accept Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Humana.


Our Vision

To help transform the lives of thousands one person, couple, or group at a time so that they may fulfill their purpose and positively impact the world.


Our Mission

To provide the most clinically effective treatment to individuals, couples, families and groups and help them acknowledge, create, and live their best life. Our therapeutic approach is evidenced-based, goal-directed, and focuses on the client’s strengths.



Each therapist at Collier Counseling, LLC brings a specialized set of skills and a diverse background. They have extensive training and a specific population they work with. Every therapist has a preference regarding which treatment modality they use and this largely depends on the needs of the client. Our treatment is evidenced-based, holistic, and results-driven.


We understand our clients are dealing with significant discomfort and need the discomfort to go away so that they can grow into the best version of themselves. We focus on the strengths of the client and use these strengths to achieve the change our clients are wanting in their lives. We do a thorough assessment of each client so that we can gather relevant history and current symptoms of the problem. This assessment occurs during the first and second session. Progress is consistently measured during the course of treatment, after all, progress is the goal. Therefore, goals for treatment are developed by the third session. The goals are statements made by the client expressing what they want to accomplish. They are measurable and specific so that we are clear as to what we are trying to achieve and create a blueprint to do so.


After the assessment is completed and the goals are developed, it’s time to get to work. Sessions will involve identifying and talking through strong feelings and hurt, developing coping skills for the discomfort in your life, practicing mindfulness and stress reduction techniques, re-framing unhealthy thought patterns, and gaining acceptance of yourself and your new normal, as your life will transform during your therapeutic experience at Collier Counseling, LLC.

When You Are Ready to Start Your Journey, We Are Ready to Walk With You